Creator 3in1 遊樂場旋轉木馬 (31095) 色彩繽紛、件數接近600件、且有很多不同的件給予二次創作的無限可能。


香港拼砌博覽現正舉辦Creator 3in1 遊樂場旋轉木馬 (31095) AMOC 比賽。


利用 Creator遊樂場旋轉木馬內的件創作展品,並在連續六天的博覽內展示及讓評判評分,將有機會得到豐富的LEGO 產品。





博覽前用LEGO 31095零件創作一個原創作品,並在215日中午12時前攜同作品至博覽中展示,展示至220日博覽閉門後取走原創作品。



創意 30%,拼砌技巧 30%,美觀及完成度25%,可玩性 15%


比賽將設 冠、亞、及季軍 共三名


The colourful with close to 600 pieces set of Creator 3in1 Fairground Carousel (31095) can provide unlimited creativity.


Hong Kong Brick Expo is hoisting an Creator 3in1 Fairground Carousel (31095) AMOC competition.


Using pieces from the fairground carousel set, display your creation in the 6-day expo and for adjudication, and a chance to win LEGO sets.


Eligibility: Competition is opened to all Hong Kong AFOL



Use the pieces from the LEGO set 31095 to build your own creation before the Expo, bring it to display before 12pm February 15th, and pick up the display after 6pm February 20th when the Expo ends.


Judging criteria:

Creativity 30%, building technique 30%, Aesthetics and completeness 25%, playability 15%


A total of three prizes will be allocated for the second runner-up, first runner-up and champion.